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THE KLENZ is the most advanced technology of 'Nano-Silver Radical System' and it's originally designed to sanitize and deodorise various kinds of footwear. But due to the non-toxic property of Nano Silver, it can be used for many sanitizing purposes other than shoes. All the machines in the Klenz range can be used for sanitizing and deodorising cleanroom apparel including smocks, jump suits, hair cover, facial covers/masks, footwear and boots, etc. Silver Nano is exceptional at destroying bacteria on clothing that can't be easily washed either - such as climbing boots, fireman's and hospital apparel and wet suits.

According to research, Nano Silver system disinfects 650 kinds of bacteria, and there are no bacteria that can live over 6 minutes under the nano system activated condition. With 99.7% sterilising and deodorising efficiency by Nano Silver, KLENZ will protect your employees/operators/clients from micro-organisms, improving health and hygiene standards for all.

What is Nano Silver ?

Silver has been used as a treatment of medical ailments for over 100 years due to its natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. The Nano Silver particles typically measure 25nm and have extremely large relative surface areas, increasing their contact with bacteria or fungi and improving bactericidal and fungicidal effectiveness.

All the Klenz machines utilise the same technology, but KLENZ PROFESSIONAL includes the benefits of a drier system and multi-bays for the Klenzing of many items at once.

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Concerned about the unproven nature of Nano Silver ?

Nano Silver is a new technology and is being used across a broad range of 21st Century products, with many more applications no doubt to come.

Klenz Europe acknowledges, however, there are concerns that - as a new technology - there has not been sufficient time and tests to prove it is totally safe. One concern is that as Nano Silver particles destroy bacteria or fungi, the effects on the public water supply, if flushed in certain products, may harm the bacteria needed to purify our national water supplies. As the Klenz is recommended primarily for sanitizing footwear, no such contact with the water supplies is expected.

A spokesperson for the UK Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has been quoted with : "As the commission states, it has found no evidence of harm to health or the environment from nanomaterials, but the government remains committed to researching their health and environmental impact."

The full article, in which the above is quoted, can be found here :


We at Klenz Europe are confident that the full certification in the EU and the widespread success of the fully certificated Klenz phenomena already in the Far East assures the Klenz Sanitizer range as an important hygiene support and any other certification and reports of all kinds will appear here, or linked to, on this site to allow each and every customer to make their own informed opinion and choice of whether to purchase.

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