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We are pleased to provide you with maximum support to promote use of the Klenz at your establishment.

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The Klenz £1 coin-operated sanitizers are now installed across the David Lloyd Next Generation Leisure group in the UK.

Look out for them at your local - they are likely to be found in the locker rooms.





Klenz is a low cost, one-off investment with no consumables & low power consumption. By charging members a small amount, the unit will quickly pay for itself & create ongoing revenue for years to come. The coin-operated version is ideal in this situation.


Use a Klenz unit to sanitise club members' footwear, as an extra chargeable or even a free service. One 8-minute cycle inside a Klenz unit has an incredibly strong antifungal, antibacterial & deodorising effect - heavily reducing the risk of infection, prolonging the life of footwear and completely neutralising odour. Consider Klenz Professional where apparel is also wet or many members wish to use the Klenz at once - especially relevant to Golf and Football Clubs.

New versions of Klenz Professional are specifically targetted at Hospitals, Ski Centres and Fire Stations. Please contact us for details.


Footwear is a breeding ground for pathogens. By 'klenzing' shoes you can assure members that the risk of cross-infection is minimised. This is especially valuable in areas where many people share an easily infectious environment - such as swimming pools, saunas and where they may have cause to walk with bare feet.


We recognise that Gyms, Clubs and Leisure Centres are major players in bringing the Klenz phenomena to the public at large. That's why we've designed publicity and promotional literature to help you promote use of the machines you may acquire. Go to our downloads page for point of sale and point of advertising posters.




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