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Is the Klenz process completely safe?

All machines in the Klenz range are cleared and certified for use in the EU. The units are proven to kill 99.7% of bacteria in a single cycle on any objects placed within them. Download the certification document or overview document for more details. There is more detailed information on the safety aspects of the new technology contained in our Silver Nanotechnology section. Click here to view this.

Can I put organic objects in the Klenz?

The Klenz is designed to sanitize inorganic objects. Do not place animals, plants or edible foodstuffs in the unit.

I am a Tattooist. Can I use the Klenz to sterilise my tools ?

DEFINITELY NOT! The Klenz is a sanitizer NOT a steriliser. As it does not kill 100% of germs and bacteria, you must continue using autoclave systems for this purpose. Under no circumstances is the Klenz recommended for use on objects that will be used invasively on the human body. You may, however, use the Klenz as a extra support system if you wish to convey extra health and safety awareness to your customers.

What maintenance does the Klenz need?

The Klenz devices uses no heat. liquid or corrosive chemicals and therefore poses no risk to any item or any threat to the human body. There is no need to change any parts or filters.

What power requirements does the Klenz need?

The Klenz standard and coin-operated single units operate from a 12v DC mains adaptor (UK and EU versions supplied where appropriate). The Klenz Professional machines operate directly from the 240V mains supply (lead supplied)

I am based outside the EU. Can I buy a Klenz machine that works in my country?

Yes. You will likely have a local distributor and we will put you in contact with them. Please contact us for pricing or local distributor details.

What care should I take when placing or using the Klenz?

Download the user manual for full details.

Can I buy cheaper if I buy multiple units?

Yes. Contact your country distributor (or us if no reply) to discuss your needs.

Do you provide literature to help promote use of the Klenz?

Yes. Visit our downloads section for printable posters and advertising.

Under the terms of warranty, how do I report any fault?

Please see our support section for details.

Privacy Policy

We keep all communications with customers confidential, well in accordance with the terms of EU Data Protection law. We keep our databases for the purpose of customer support and do not share them with any third unrelated party or business. All matters pertaining to the Klenz product range can be addressed through contacts found on this website.


Email: info@klenzeurope.com

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