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posterKLENZ Professional is the most advanced technology of 'Nano Silver Radical System' and it's originally designed to sanitize and deodorize various kinds of shoes. But due to the non-toxic property of nano silver, it can be used for many sanitizing purposes other than shoes like remote controller, cell phone, small bags, clothing, towels etc.

KLENZ Professional is ideal for sanitizing and deodorizing
cleanroom apparel including, smocks, jump suits, hair cover, facial covers/masks, footwear and boots etc. Humidity between the apparel and the operator body promotes growth of bacteria, which can cause infection, odour, itch and sores.

According to research, Nano Silver system disinfects 650 kinds of bacteria and there are no bacteria that can live over 6 minutes under the nano system activated condition. With 99.7% sterilizing and deodorizing efficiency by Nano Silver(approved by KICM in Korea), KLENZ Professional will protect your employees / operators from micro organismís invasion, thus improving the health and hygiene standard of your company.

Key Benefits of the Klenz Professional Unit
1) High Sterilizing & Deodorizing Efficiency. Kills Most Bacteria and Fungi
2) Choice of Nature Air or Sirocco Air Dry Function
3) Individual Ventilation System
4) Prevent Shoes Deformation by Automatic Temperature Control
5) Convenient Installation
6) Cutting Off from Nasty Smell & Contaminant by Gasket Air
Areas of Application
Ideal in gowning/changing area of contamination controlled environment i.e. manufacturing cleanroom, pharmaceutical cleanroom, laboratories, hospitals, health care centres etc.
What is Nano Silver?
Silver has been used as treatment of medical ailments for over 100 years due to its natural antibacterial and anti fungal properties. The Nano Silver particles typically measure 25nm and they have extremely large relative surface area, increasing their contact with bacteria or fungi, and improving its bactericidal and fungicidal effectiveness. When Nano Silver is in contact with bacteria and fungus, it will adversely affect cellular metabolism and inhibit cell growth.
Anti-Microbial Action of Nano Silver
Nano Silver instantly kills bacteria by oxidation.Acting as a catalyst, it reportedly disables the enzyme (one-celled bacteria), virus and fungi need for their oxygen metabolism. Nano Silver generates reactive oxygen in the air during oxidation, which in turn destroy cell/wall membranes of the bacteria, instantly killing the bacteria.

As a result, bacteria cannot build resistance against Silver. The Nano Silver particles remains unconsumed while constantly working as a catalyst. Thus a permanent antimicrobial solution.

What is in KLENZ Industrial and how does it work?
KLENZ Professional is base on the 'Magic Box Cleaning System':
Magic Box Composition:
1) UV Lamp:
Vigorous sterilizing power for contagious bacteria
2) Photocataylst Filter:
Removing endocrine disruptor, bacteriolysis
3) Medium Filter:
Filtering minute dust particles
4) Chemical Filter:
Removing nasty smell & contaminants
5) Nano Silver Filter:
Removing virus & bacteria by colloid silver
6) Low Temperature Catalyst Filter:
Dissolution of remaining ozone, removing nasty smell and
poisonous gas

Sterilizing & Deodorizing by Air Circulation:
Test Results
99.7 % sanitizing and deodorizing efficiency were approved by KICM in Korea. According to research, Nano Silver disinfects 650 kinds of bacteria and there is no bacteria that can live over 6 minutes when they make contact with the Nano Silver.
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