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We are pleased to provide you with maximum support to promote use of the Klenz at your Office or Call Centre.


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Offices and Call Centres are places of high activity by multiple users. As such they are prone to cross-infection of all sorts of items. If staff fall ill, business can be seriously affected, and this can be a major concern for all involved.

Use a Klenz unit to sanitise all manner of shared objects - from computer mice to headsets and other telephony equipment. One 8-minute cycle inside a Klenz has an incredibly strong antifungal, antibacterial & deodorising effect - heavily reducing the risk of infection and cross-infection, sanitising and prolonging the life of items placed within.


Shared office equipment can be a breeding ground for pathogens. By 'klenzing' items you can be assured that the risk of infection is minimised. The Klenz gives office users peace of mind; something often more than money can buy.


Klenz is a low cost, one-off investment with no consumables & low power consumption. By providing a Klenz unit - for larger offices you may wish to consider Klenz Professional - Offices and Call Centres will see the unit quickly pay for itself, helping to create a safe environment and assuring employees that the company is actively working to achieve the highest levels of hygiene.


We recognise that Offices and Call Centres are important in bringing the Klenz phenomena to the public at large. That's why we've designed publicity and promotional literature to help you spread the message.

Please see our downloads section for point of advertising posters and literature.

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